Joyce Hollman

How acupuncture may prevent a diabetes diagnosis

Prediabetes is a condition in which blood sugar levels are abnormally high, but not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes, yet. Lifestyle interventions can change that course, and additional support has been found in a surprising practice…

Jenny Smiechowski

6 menopause symptoms you can treat with acupuncture

There’s evidence HRT increases your risk for breast cancer, blood clots and stroke. It’s hard to justify those risks. So, many women tough menopause out. You don’t have to. There’s another way to relieve symptoms that’s not so high-stakes. In fact, researchers believe this may be the best option…

Dr. Michael Cutler

A skeptic’s guide to pain relief with acupuncture

The quickest way to discover a skeptic is to start a conversation about acupuncture. I know because I was one myself… My left shoulder had been aching for 9 months. Out of desperation, this M.D. found himself in the office of a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, and, to my amazement, this is what happened…

Dr. Mark Wiley

Pin pricks and parmesan might save your heart

Your doctor may be doing all he can with the tools he’s been given. But besides giving up the worst offending lifestyle factors that make you a prime target, there are some surprising tools at your disposal to protect your heart.

Jenny Smiechowski

6 ways to age gracefully with acupuncture

If you’re a fan of acupuncture, you know that a few well-placed needles can do wonders for your health. Now it’s been shown to ease a lot of the uncomfortable symptoms of aging…

Dr. Mark Wiley

Acupuncture shows promise for Parkinson’s

Acupuncture is one ancient method that has caught the attention of the modern medical community. It’s several thousand years old and has helped millions of people with everything from sprained ankles to pregnancy to the flu. And science is showing it works…