Rick Kaselj

Breaking free from sciatic: Natural remedies to ease the pain

Sciatica is a painful condition caused by the compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve, the longest nerve in the body. Treatment sometimes involves surgery, but thankfully, numerous natural remedies can effectively provide relief for this incapacitating condition…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Safety and effectiveness of drugs for back pain up for grabs

When your doctor prescribes drugs for your low back pain, he’s working with what he’s got. But whether analgesic medicine provides meaningful relief is still an open question, a new study has found. You may be surprised at what may work better…

Dr. Mark Wiley

Simply press these points for headache relief

Headaches don’t have to ache. Before your head starts hurting again, check out this quick and easy guide to the acupressure points that can head off headache pain before the suffering intensifies. You may be amazed at how well and fast these points quell pain.

Joyce Hollman

How acupuncture may prevent a diabetes diagnosis

Prediabetes is a condition in which blood sugar levels are abnormally high, but not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes, yet. Lifestyle interventions can change that course, and additional support has been found in a surprising practice…

Jenny Smiechowski

6 menopause symptoms you can treat with acupuncture

There’s evidence HRT increases your risk for breast cancer, blood clots and stroke. It’s hard to justify those risks. So, many women tough menopause out. You don’t have to. There’s another way to relieve symptoms that’s not so high-stakes. In fact, researchers believe this may be the best option…

Dr. Michael Cutler

A skeptic’s guide to pain relief with acupuncture

The quickest way to discover a skeptic is to start a conversation about acupuncture. I know because I was one myself… My left shoulder had been aching for 9 months. Out of desperation, this M.D. found himself in the office of a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, and, to my amazement, this is what happened…