Joyce Hollman

Pneumonia carries a heart attack risk aspirin can lower

If you already have risk factors for heart disease, including hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes, a case of pneumonia will increase the stress on your heart even further and can lead to some serious heart health complications. But if your doctor gives you the go-ahead, you can start working to prevent that possibility now…

Carolyn Gretton

When it comes to aspirin and heart protection, does dose matter?

Using aspirin every day remains part of most therapeutic plans to keep people who’ve already had a heart attack or stroke from experiencing another. But there have been concerns about bleeding. Researchers recently took a look at which dose would be best as far as efficacy and safety, and what they found was surprising…

Carolyn Gretton

A low-dose aspirin a day may keep the worst of COVID-19 away

Aspirin has been around as an anti-inflammatory for more than a century. And new health benefits associated with this old-school medicine are still being uncovered today. In fact, researchers may have found a link between low-dose aspirin use and protection against COVID-19…

Joyce Hollman

Using aspirin to lower the risk of colorectal cancer

You’ve probably heard about daily aspirin therapy as a preventative for heart attack and stroke. But have you heard of its effect on colorectal cancer? Turns out there’s compelling evidence for it, with one caveat…

Tracey G. Ingram, AuD

Old test could give your doctor new insight into aspirin risk or benefit

Taking a low-dose daily aspirin has been widely accepted for decades as an easy way to prevent a heart attack or stroke. But aspirin’s safety in prevention has been challenged over the last couple of years, and now it’s a call you should leave up to your doctor. Luckily an old test may provide new insight into whether it’s worth the risk for you or not…

Margaret Cantwell

The cancer-protective power of aspirin

If you’re not already taking a daily low-dose aspirin for your heart health, perhaps as a recommendation by your doctor, or for other reasons, you might see if you’re a good candidate to do so… 20 years of studies have come together to push it into the spotlight as a potential cancer fighter.