Blood sugar

Carolyn Gretton

Alzheimer’s in your future? Cholesterol and blood sugar at 35 hold clues

You may have heard the expression “that’s a problem for future me.” You may have even said it yourself. But when it comes to health, that can be dangerous. In fact, recent research shows that certain health decisions you make in your younger years can elevate your Alzheimer’s risk later in life…

Jedha Dening

Aloe vera: The fat-burning blood sugar balancer

If you’re looking for something to turn your metabolism around, think aloe vera. The thought may conjure up memories of slathering it on sunburns, and while it’s true it’s great for your skin, it’s also considered a ‘functional food’ — meaning it provides health benefits, particularly for metabolic syndrome.

Carolyn Gretton

The ‘weight optional’ diet that lowers cholesterol and blood sugar

Your doctor says you’ve got to lower your cholesterol and blood sugar. Of course, he also says to do that, you’ve got to lose weight, and you’ve found that hard. No worries. Meet the diet that gives you these benefits and more, with or without the weight loss…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Diabetes: Why a broken biological clock affects treatment

Mitochondria communicate with time-keeping molecules in our cells, and this communication is disrupted in people with type 2 diabetes. That’s a problem because some of the most common diabetes treatments affect mitochondria, meaning they may work differently depending on the time of day they are taken…

Carolyn Gretton

The silent way your gut influences heart disease

The gut influences processes in our body far beyond digestion. In fact, it’s known that disturbances in the microbiome and heart problems can go hand in hand. But there’s been some uncertainty about where the issues actually begin and what could be done to decrease the harm…

Joyce Hollman

4 ways cherries make you feel better

It’s no accident that the small, sweet cherry has found its way into idioms that express how good life is. To “put the cherry on top” means to make a good thing even better. That’s because there are few downsides to eating cherries, and a lot of benefits to be had…