Joyce Hollman

Why sleep trouble can lead to blood sugar trouble

While you’re asleep, restorative processes take place. If your sleep is interrupted so are these important processes. That’s just one link between sleep trouble and blood sugar trouble research has identified, even when following a healthy diet…

Jenny Smiechowski

Boost this hormone to banish fibromyalgia pain

When you suffer from fibromyalgia, pain and fatigue can be your constant companions. But for people suffering this debilitating condition, there’s a straightforward way to push back, ease your aches and get your life back…

Joyce Hollman

Insulin resistance: Early signs and ditching the diabetes danger

Insulin resistance isn’t a disease state. It is an early warning, though, that if things don’t change, that’s exactly where you body’s headed. But if you’re only focusing on food and weight loss, you missing some very important pieces of the puzzle…

Jenny Smiechowski

6 ways to reignite your youthful energy

You used to run mini-marathons in the morning, work a full-time job, catch a late show with friends and still have energy to spare. But now you need to take a nap after grocery shopping and doing a load of laundry. What happened?

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Cortisol: The forgotten blood sugar trigger

Stress causes a boatload of problems no matter who you are. And these days it seems there’s so much more triggering stress. But if you have diabetes, you should know that stress is an often-forgotten trigger that can send your blood sugar levels through the roof as well…

Debra Atkinson

When hormones drain your workout energy

As a trainer, I frequently see women seeking energy from exercise but end up digging themselves into a hole. Or worse, giving up on fitness altogether and missing out on the best way to avoid disease. That’s because when adrenal fatigue hits, you may not realize what’s happening…