Essential Oils

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Green cleaning’s not-so-green harmful chemical link

When it comes to living healthy in a polluted world, most of us will go out of our way. That may mean choosing organic produce or grass-fed beef. But when it comes to green cleaning, it looks like most of us are paying a premium for a false sense of security.

Carolyn Gretton

Get a whiff of this to put a stop to cognitive decline

There’s an interesting connection between some neurodegenerative ailments, like Alzheimer’s and Parkison’s: the loss of smell. Knowing scent-detecting nerves trigger certain brain responses, research tested a whiff of a scent that may halt cognitive decline…

Joyce Hollman

Popular OTC decongestants found to be ineffective

With cold and flu season approaching, you need to hear an ugly truth: That decongestant you’re depending on to relieve that all-to-familiar sinus pain and pressure may not be all you think it is, so says the FDA. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Jenny Smiechowski

5 reasons mosquitoes love you and how to turn them off

Are you a mosquito magnet? Do you wonder why everyone else can enjoy a great summer cookout while you get swarmed by disease-carrying, welt-inducing, blood-sucking insects? Well, it turns out, there are several potential reasons why you could top the mosquitoes’ most desirable list…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Essential oils really work with the help of a ‘brain vitamin’

Essential oils have long been used to boost physical and emotional health. Some may speed wound healing, lower blood pressure and even attack the bacteria that cause Lyme disease. But the scientific community has claimed it was a “placebo effect.” Well, that’s all over now that the mechansim by which they boost health and mood has been uncovered…

Joyce Hollman

Essential oils for cuts, scrapes and wounds

Long before Big Pharma was around, essential oils were used to control pain, ease stress and stimulate the immune system to fight colds and flu. Research continues into the ways that essential oils can make us healthier, including their power to control inflammation and help wounds heal quickly and safely.