Carolyn Gretton

How flavonols put the brakes on memory decline

What’s considered normal memory decline with age is not as disruptive as Alzheimer’s or dementia. But still, who wouldn’t like to maintain strong mental faculties as long as possible? If you’re getting plenty of this nutrient, you’ll keep a sharp brain at any age…

Carolyn Gretton

The beverage that helps prevent calcified arteries

We’ve known for some time that coffee and green tea are exeptional health-promoting beverages. But you may be less aware of the significant heart protection another common drink offers. Researchers have discovered a daily cup can protect against this indicator of heart attack and stroke…

Jenny Smiechowski

Triple nutrient cocktail could help stave off heart attack and stroke

Atherosclerosis is the primary cause of heart attack, but it also causes about half of all strokes. And there are often no symptoms until it’s too late.

Carolyn Gretton

Cocoa’s leg up on healthy blood pressure

Plenty of studies confirm cocoa’s benefits. But results from controlled studies don’t always translate to real daily life. That’s where cocoa’s effects on blood pressure and arteries differ. Not only does it work, it laid to rest a concern doctors have about traditional BP treatments…

Carolyn Gretton

These are the reasons you should be drinking tea

There’s matcha tea, various herbal teas and flowery botanical teas, but none of them are as systematically studied as Camellia sinensis — true tea — with thousands of years of traditional use behind its growing global reputation as a beverage that promotes good health.

Joyce Hollman

Flavorful flavonoids that help your brain flourish

Eating foods that benefit your health in a major way isn’t all about just eating the green stuff or more fiber. In fact some of the most colorful foods can have the most amazing effects, especially on your brain…