Holiday food

Dr. Elizabeth Klodas MD, FACC

5 cardiologist-approved tips for heart-healthy holidays

There may have been fewer trick-or-treaters at your door this year, but Halloween still marks the first holiday of a season that can make it extra challenging to stick to your heart-healthy eating plan. With cardiologist-approved tips, you can make it.

Tracey G. Ingram, AuD

Forgetting fiber over the holidays could do some lasting damage

Over the holidays we’re allowed to splurge a bit. But two studies demonstrate the damage of a low-fiber diet and how difficult repairing that damage can be, not just for your colon, but your weight, blood sugar, cholesterol and more. So, enjoy the Christmas cookies but don’t forget the fiber…

Joyce Hollman

12 healthy holiday baking substitutions

Here are a dozen easy recipe substitutions that will not only let you enjoy delicious baked goods without the guilt, but will also make a once-sinful treat into a nutritional delight!

Kelley Martin

Indulge your Fall craving: Pumpkin spice honey butter

Pumpkin spice is everywhere… But if you’re getting your pumpkin spice fix in the form of flavored creamers, lattes and baked goods, you’re filling up on mega-calories, trans-fats and carbs galore. Well, I’ve got a simple hack you can use to enjoy pumpkin spice on the foods you’d normally eat…