Liver Cancer

Joyce Hollman

The ‘one a day’ that skyrockets women’s liver cancer risk

Most cases of liver cancer are traceable to clear risk factors such as diabetes, cirrhosis or non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases, among others. But for 40 percent the cause isn’t so clear. Until research came across the ‘one a day’ that raises liver cancer risk by 73 percent…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The Chinese proverb that’s helping researchers lower liver cancer

While we tend to hear a lot about cancer of the lungs, breasts and colon, liver cancer tends to be ignored — kept as kind of a dirty little secret. Yet, deaths from the cancer are skyrocketing. But there is good news. A brand-new study has found a simple way to keep your liver healthy and decrease your risk of liver cancer dramatically. And it has to do with how much you eat.