Medical Procedures

Joyce Hollman

The dangerous connection between surgery and obesity

There are many good reasons to maintain a healthy weight. And most of them are on a long list of dangerous conditions. But it’s actually a health issue no one’s sounded an alarm about yet that may put anyone dealing with obesity in the danger zone…

Carolyn Gretton

Low-dose radiation: Common diagnostics linked to heart disease

Few of us are exposed to high-dose radiation (unless it’s to kill cancer cells). But what about the exposure that comes from X-rays or CT scans? We’ve been told for years not to worry about low dose radiation. But the effects on the heart aren’t so benign…

Joyce Hollman

How the medical community is making human guinea pigs of women

Some of the biggest medical studies to date, responsible for medication and procedures, have been conducted without a single female subject. But is that holding the medical community back from using protocols designed for men on women? Not at all and not without consequence…

Joyce Hollman

Is your doctor prescribing ‘low-value’ heart care?

A review of cardiovascular care in the U.S. found it’s prone to a high frequency of “low-value” tests and procedures. It happens to nearly half of patients and leads to more invasive tests that come with higher risks, costs and questionable benefits. Are you one of them?

Joyce Hollman

Medical devices and the deaths we’ll never hear about

It’s no secret that medical device manufacturers aren’t always truthful about the safety or track record of their products. But now, we also know that thousands of deaths that could be related to these devices are being hidden thanks to a loophole in a system designed to protect them, instead of us…

Joyce Hollman

Doctors finally admit they’re rushing patients to unnecessary treatments

When you’re contemplating surgery, there are two things you’re probably thinking about: How expensive will it be? And, more importantly, how risky will it be? A third question should be: is this surgery even necessary?