Metabolic Syndrome

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

3+ signs you’re headed for an early heart attack

You wouldn’t knowingly store up health problems that will come back to bite you later in life, right? But that’s what we do when, just because we “feel” well, we ignore a handful of signs that could mean heart attack or stroke at an earlier age than others.

Carolyn Gretton

The ‘survival switch’ fructose flips to make us fat

Summer is almost over. And with winter just around the corner, you’ll want to give up the one thing that can make you pack on the pounds like a hibernating bear. And no, it isn’t a stew or casserole that’s the culprit…

Joyce Hollman

A key vitamin for digesting fat and avoiding liver disease

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease affects about a quarter of Americans. There’s no treatment or cure, and if it progresses, things get a lot worse. The amino acid homocysteine plays a role in that progression, interfering with how the body process fat. But a simple vitamin may put it in its place…

Joyce Hollman

Three ways diabetes can cause Afib

There’s a long list of things that can trigger AFib, a heart arrhythmia that causes the heart’s upper chambers to beat irregularly and rapidly and increases stroke risk. Most people don’t know how close type 2 diabetes is to the top of that list…

Tracey G. Ingram, AuD

Two reasons to have your liver tested

If your liver was in trouble, could you tell? Probably not. By the time you or the doctor might, liver disease has often progressed and caused damage. That doesn’t mean you just have to wait and wonder. In fact, there are two major reasons to get your liver tested…

Carolyn Gretton

That low-fat dairy advice has more holes than Swiss cheese

Cheese and other whole-fat dairy foods have endured a bad rap for far too long. Considering it’s one of six foods linked to longevity, experts are calling for a re-evaluation of low-fat recommendations and have proof the old advice has more holes than a hefty slice of Swiss cheese.