Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The link between mitochondria, Alzheimer’s and pomegranates

If you’ve heard anything about Alzheimer’s, you’ve heard plenty about the amyloid and tau protein signatures that harm the brain. But these aren’t the only proteins that clump, and research says that secret links mitochondria and the potential to reverse a variety of age-related ailments.

Carolyn Gretton

Drink away the risk of age-related muscle loss

Research is learning more about the cellular hallmarks of aging — those that happen at a level we don’t see, but can sneak up and pull the rug out from under your feet. One of those is sarcopenia which can leave you frail and dependant, unless you drink a daily dose of trigonelline…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Why a fat cell’s ability to burn energy fails and how to avoid it

Being overweight or obese is like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. That’s because it becomes harder to lose weight and easier to gain it, all at the same time. But now we know why fat cells lose their ability to burn energy, what triggers it and how to avoid it…

Margaret Cantwell

The vitamin that fights a common contributor of unhealthy aging

Longer lifespans have researchers scrambling for answers on how to keep an aging population healthier. One vitamin has emerged that many experts agree may be useful for several chronic conditions featuring a common denominator afflicting North Americans as we age…

Carolyn Gretton

Mitochondria may hold secret to Parkinson’s diagnosis and treatment

Parkinson’s disease affects millions. Yet there is no single test to diagnose it, so years may pass before the standard treatment starts. But a revelation about mitochondrial involvement could lead not only to a definitive blood test but new treatment as well…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Key player in kidney disease identified (and a supplement that helps)

37 million Americans live with chronic kidney disease. If you have diabetes or hypertension, you’re at high risk of joining them. Luckily, a new treatment, and better yet, preventative, is on the horizon. Even better, it’s available right now without prescription…