Omega-6 support

Joyce Hollman

9 health and body changes that happen in your 70s

Your body doesn’t come with a user’s manual. So, as you age, some changes may take you by surprise. You may not be able to avoid them, unless you’ve taken exceptional care of your body your whole life, but you can be prepared. Here are some things you might expect and some advice to keep enjoying life no matter your age.

Jenny Smiechowski

The other omega fatty acid that fights cancer, heart disease and diabetes

You’ve probably heard that omega-3 fatty acids fight inflammation and disease, while omega-6 fatty acids fuel them. But recent research shows this isn’t entirely true. Omega-6 fatty acids from healthy sources aren’t the inflammation-causing boogeymen they’ve been made out to be. In fact, they may even have unique health benefits…

Jenny Smiechowski

3 fat facts to help you live better longer

Remember being told fats were bad and that was that? Well, the truth is, when it comes to your health, dietary fat has never really been black and white. But it can be easier to understand if you follow three simple rules…