Carolyn Gretton

The surprising reason behind red wine headaches

Why is it that red wine causes headaches in some people but not in others? Scientists investigating this phenomenon traced the culprit to a normally friendly flavanol that becomes the body’s foe when mixed with alcohol…

Joyce Hollman

An apple a day could keep frailty away

Frailty is a syndrome that leads to a greater risk of falls, fractures, disability, hospitalization and mortality. In other words, it can take your independence and make life a lot less fun. Here are 5 signs it could be creeping up and maybe the easiest way to avoid it…

Joyce Hollman

From weight loss to lower cholesterol: How to get the most from apples

Study after study has shown the health benefits of apples give credence to the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But, there are many ways to enjoy apples, and they’re not all created equal when it comes to reaping their nutritional value…

Joyce Hollman

Choose fruits with flavanols to lower blood pressure

Flavanols are natural antioxidants found in certain fruits and vegetables as well as tea and cocoa. They have well-researched benefits that just keep piling up, like substantially lowering blood pressure to help support arteries and prevent strokes.

Margaret Cantwell

The golden ticket to a fall free of allergy symptoms

If the natural world can throw allergens at us, is it surprising that the answer to taming those allergens is found in nature as well? If anyone understands the concept of balance, it’s Mother Nature. And thanks to these natural allergy relievers, you could enjoy fall without walking around in an antihistamine fog…

Jenny Smiechowski

2 excellent reasons to go crazy for capers

How often do you eat capers? You know, those tiny green balls you see hanging out in your chicken piccata, on top of your salmon lox bagel or in your salad. The answer for most of us is probably not that often. That’s a shame because they’re packed with a potent compound for brain and heart health…