Joyce Hollman

7 amazing benefits of pterostilbene

If you try to stay on top of your heart, brain and blood sugar health, you’re aware of resveratrol, the polyphenol found in red wine and dark chocolate. But what about its powerful cousin? From blood pressure to calorie burn, you’ll want pterostilbene in your life…

Margaret Cantwell

Molecule ‘switch’ programs cancer cells to self-destruct

As long as research into treating cancer has gone on, there are still just a handful of therapies oncologists rely on. Even when used together, cells can become resistant and the treatment can cause significant harm. But switching on cancer’s self-destruct switch is closer than you think…

Joyce Hollman

The light aging your skin that sunscreen can’t block

Electronic screens expose your eyes to the damaging effects of blue light. But what many don’t know is, the sun is a significant source of blue light and, just like UV rays, blue light prematurely ages your skin. But unlike UV rays, sunscreen can’t protect you…

Joyce Hollman

Why your hips hurt and the supplements that help

Healthy and pain-free hips are important to maintain mobility and independence with age. Osteoarthritis is only one condition that can compromise your hip function. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to support your hips so they can keep supporting you!

Carolyn Gretton

Alcohol and aging add up to accelerated muscle loss

There’s a lot of conflicting information as to whether moderate drinking can impact health in a good way or if it’s all bad. But one thing most researchers agree on is that crossing the line can lead to heart problems, dementia, cancer — and this scourge of aging…

Carolyn Gretton

Eating grapes leads to subtle gut changes for major benefits

More than 1,600 phytochemical compounds have been identified in grapes, all of which affect different processes in the body. So benefits from lowering cholesterol to protecting the brain are not surprising. Now we have a better understanding of how they work, starting in the gut…