Sedentary lifestyle

Carolyn Gretton

Lifestyle factors to improve by 60 to avoid the nursing home

Focusing on healthy aging is something you might put off until you feel, well, older. But research has shown how you take care of yourself, and the habits you form, won’t only impact your health, but also your risk of ending up in a nursing home. Pay attention to these before you near 60…

Joyce Hollman

Over 60? 15 minutes can make or break your senior years

If you’re over 60 and hoping your quality of life doesn’t diminish with the years, pay attention: A long-term study has shown what you do with as little as 15 minutes of your day can cut your quality of life in half, increase hospitalizations and even lead to an early grave…

Joyce Hollman

How to slash the dangers of sitting surprisingly fast

As someone who sits at her desk all day long, I’m a prime candidate for diabetes, heart disease and dementia. Obviously, my work day leaves only minutes to spare. But to lower blood pressure and blood sugar, that’s literally all I need…

Joyce Hollman

What you do while sitting: The real reason being sedentary leads to dementia

There’s enough convincing research to discourage anyone from being a “couch potato.” But when it comes to dementia and sedentary behavior, there’s a caveat: Your choice of activity while you sit can make all the difference, even if you run marathons all day.