Side Effects

Margaret Cantwell

What a week of pain relievers does to your heart

You may not realize just how quickly some painkillers can take a toll on your heart. You don’t have to take these drugs for years and years to experience an elevated heart attack risk. Damage can be done by taking them for just one week.

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The cholesterol drugs giving you cataracts

Lipitor is the biggest-selling drug in the history of the pharmaceutical industry, even though the evidence for using statins to lower heart attack and stroke is not as strong as once thought. But, if you’re a statin-taker, you know they do far more than just that…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Long-term use of these anxiety drugs fuels dementia

Many of us suffer from an unseen condition that can make every day difficult. Sometimes it even feels like a heart attack. But it’s not. It’s anxiety. And in a rush to take anything to feel better, we eagerly accept medication. But the long-term damage may be worse than any anxiety attack…

Joyce Hollman

How the medical community is making human guinea pigs of women

Some of the biggest medical studies to date, responsible for medication and procedures, have been conducted without a single female subject. But is that holding the medical community back from using protocols designed for men on women? Not at all and not without consequence…

Joyce Hollman

7 medications that make your bladder work overtime

About half of all adult women deal with some level of incontinence. Many men do too. A surprising cause is often medication that’s taken for other conditions. Here are seven classes of medications linked with urinary incontinence, and some natural ways to take back control of your bladder.

Joyce Hollman

10 surprising things that cause hair loss

Aging is not automatically accompanied by hair loss. But there are lifestyle and other factors that could cause you to see more hair in your hairbrush than you’re used to. I was surprised to find that several of these may be behind my own hair loss.