Stem Cells

Carolyn Gretton

What makes hair gray? Stuck cells that hold cancer clues too

Once hair goes gray, there’s no going back. Or is there? Scientists exploring what lies at the root of the process made a discovery about the cells responsible that could potentially mean the end of gray hair and provides a big clue about melanoma…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Accelerated aging and depression: More than just the blues

Depression is more than a mental state. People with depression are at far higher risk of chronic disease and even early death. However, no one knew why until an undeniable link between depression, disease and something called senescent cells was uncovered…

Carl Lowe

The Most Dangerous Time To Use A Tanning Bed

Many experts advise against ever using a tanning bed. The ultraviolet and electromagnetic radiation they emit can potentially compromise your health. But if you are hooked on tanning with a tanning bed, research in Spain shows there may be one time of day when using these beds is particularly dangerous.

Carl Lowe

The Body’s Secret Weapon For Healing

When you get hot, you sweat. Your skin is filled with millions of eccrine sweat glands that cool the body as they release perspiration. Those same glands also supply stem cells that heal cuts, wounds and other injuries.

Carl Lowe

Do-It-Yourself Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are thought to hold the keys to miraculous cures. Researchers believe some day these cells will enable the regrowth of organs and the cure of everything from Parkinson’s to diabetes. But even as arguments rage about which human stem cells should be harvested and what to do with them, you don’t have to wait. You can put stem cells to work right now to fight off the effects of aging, rebuild muscle and rev up your personal energy.