Joyce Hollman

The daytime secret to better sleep at night

If you have trouble sleeping, or you feel tired in the morning, and you’ve tried everything under the sun (and moon), it’s time to examine what your day looks like. It may hold the secret to the elusive and essential sleep your health depends on…

Joyce Hollman

The underrated benefits of stretching that rival strenuous exercise

Most people stretch to warm up cold muscles before they jump into some heavy-duty exercise. But what if stretching IS exercise? Check mark! And even better: what if it reduces arterial stiffness at the same time it reduces stiffness in your body, and helps you live longer?

Tracey G. Ingram, AuD

The amazing effects of stretching for better blood pressure

We’ve all heard about the benefits of exercise for lowering blood pressure. Simply walking on a regular basis promotes pliable blood vessels and arteries which in turn supports blood flow. But would you believe there may be an even easier way?

Rick Kaselj

Ageless backs: Maintaining a strong and supple spine after 50

Who says you can’t have good times after 50? With a healthy body and a strong spine, the sky’s the limit. But if yours isn’t as supple and strong as it should be we’ve got age-friendly exercises and supplements to get your vitality back…

Dr. Mark Wiley

The amazing and lasting benefits of simply stretching

Stretching. You did it before gym class throughout your school years. But did you keep it up into your adult years? If not, you came to experience the loss of elasticity in your legs and tightening of your hips and shoulders. The pain soon followed. So let’s get back to it…