Thymus gland

Joyce Hollman

Scans revealed how to slow immune system aging

A tiny organ that’s often ignored is the key to helping keep colds and flu away and your immune system balanced to avoid autoimmune disease. But it’s also connected to immune system aging. Here’s how to keep yours youthful…

Carolyn Gretton

The little gland that’s key to a lifetime of good health

You probably know more about your thyroid and adrenals than an odd little gland nestled in the chest called the thymus. Considering research believes it could be key to a lifetime of good health, here’s a much-needed introduction to what it does and why it needs your attention…

Carolyn Gretton

The consequences of removing the thymus (and why doctors routinely do)

Experts have long believed the thymus gland, which produces all the immune-boosting T cells the body needs during childhood, was of little use once we got older. Turns out they weren’t just wrong, they were dead wrong — as in “double the risk of death” wrong.