Miguel Leyva

Intoxicating beauty: Chemical hair straighteners linked to uterine cancer

In recent years, we’ve learned that our personal care products may harbor dangerous chemicals that can make us sick, including parabens and others that have been linked to cancer. Unfortunatley, it looks like adhering to beauty standards is indeed intoxicating…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Is your stove leaking cancer-causing chemicals?

If you’re health conscious, you don’t smoke. And you probably don’t allow others to smoke in your home. But if you have a gas stove, you could be exposing you and your family to a dangerous chemical in your very own kitchen comparable to second-hand smoke.

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

It’s not your diet: Why breathing is making us fat

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing numbers on a scale tipping in the wrong direction, no matter how much calorie counting you’ve done. Is it your diet? Hormones? Or the air you breathe? It’s not high in calories, but it’s high in something else science says packs on the pounds…

Joyce Hollman

Pesticides in produce: A guide to safe, cost-effective choices

Eating plenty of fruits and veggies is essential to good health. But more than 70 percent of non-organic produce exposes you to dangerous pesticide residue, negating disease-fighting nutrients. Here’s how to make safer and cost-effective choices…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The cancer danger lurking in your tattoo

Tattoos are commonplace as a form of self-expression. Yet, despite their popularity, the industry is largely unregulated, at least when it comes to the ink used. This might give you pause if considering your first or adding to your collection…

Joyce Hollman

Common chemical found to drive heart disease and early death

Chemicals are an invasive part of our lives that we have a hard time avoiding. Many of them can make our lives easier, but that luxury demands a high price. In fact, we’re paying with our lives… 100,000 a year to be exact, lost to heart disease and early death. But you may be more shocked to learn how you’re exposed to this killer chemical…