10 sneaky causes of heart disease [infographic]

10 sneaky causes of heart disease [infographic]

Lifestyle is the leading cause of heart disease. We consume excessive amounts of sugars, salt and hydrogenated fats; neglect exercise; and skimp on sleep. Many of us smoke and drink too much alcohol.

On top of that, our frenetic schedules compound the problem. Stress generates inflammatory hormones, leading to scarring and hardened arteries. Busy schedules make it difficult to prepare healthy meals, leading to an overreliance on caffeine and processed foods high in hydrogenated fat, sugars and salt.

Stress, inactivity and poor food choices are the real top killers of today. They raise levels of inflammatory compounds that can turn normal cholesterol into dangerous oxidized cholesterol, a key factor in the formation of arterial plaque. Chronic inflammation also leads to fibrosis: uncontrolled scar-tissue buildup that hardens arteries and permanently damages tissues and organs — especially the heart.

These risk factors are also a recipe for high blood pressure, or hypertension. Increased blood pressure spikes the chances of heart attack, stroke, kidney disease and other problems. Controlling hypertension, preferably without medication, should be a top priority for protecting long-term heart health.

Of all the risk factors for heart disease, high blood pressure may be the trickiest to control. While dietary changes can have a significant and lasting effect on inflammation, circulation and cholesterol, reducing blood pressure often requires a more holistic effort. That’s because hypertension has a variety of origins: family history, weight, inactivity, smoking, salt, alcohol and caffeine consumption, stress, and emotional health. In other words, to bring blood pressure down, we have to make a number of changes.

The articles below offer some valuable information to begin making the lifestyle changes needed to protect you from the risks of heart disease.

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These supplements fight heart disease BETTER than statin drugs

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Why YOU could have a heart attack

Medical professionals and scientists know what causes cardiovascular disease to develop. The bigger questions are these… why would you have a heart attack? And what do you need to know and do to prevent one?

Editor’s note: Your doctors have warned you about everything else… trans fats… red meat… not enough exercise. But unless you have blood sugar problems, they’re tight-lipped about how sugar turns on your “disease switch” leading to heart disease, even cancer. If you want to know the truth about stopping strokes and heart attacks… and drop your risk of heart disease by 400 percent, click here.


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