10 Superfoods that burn belly fat [infographic]

Counting calories may be one of the worst ways to control your weight. What you choose to eat is far more important for your waistline than how much you eat.

And the good news is… You don’t have to starve!  Instead, just switch to the kinds of nutrient-dense foods that make you feel full after every meal, and watch the pounds come off.

The following articles detail some of our favorite ways to trim your waist without starving yourself on a fad diet:

5 easy ways to conquer food cravings

A couple of weekends ago I ate something I hadn’t eaten in years. Within about an hour, I experienced something I had also not had in years: a food craving. The experience made me realize that my usual daily diet, has produced an unexpected benefit. It has immunized me from food cravings.

This kind of fiber kills appetite

If you’re trying to lose excess fat but can’t quite overcome hunger and cravings, you can help your body out by eating the right kind of fiber. But it’s not about soluble vs insoluble fiber, as you’ll see in a minute.

Drop belly fat fast to keep it off for good

The “experts” in the media have repeated for years that the best way to lose excess fat is to take it off slowly and steadily. A recent study shows that advice to be backwards.

Sensible weight-loss tips that won’t starve you

Most diets can be a real headache. Too many rules about what to eat and portion sizes are enough to drive you over the edge. Stress and hunger set in and you’re ready to give up. If that’s your experience, you’re following the wrong one. Here are a few simple tips that can…

Eat more of this to lose weight

No doubt, losing weight can be a complicated task. And advice on weight-loss diets can be rather conflicting, adding to that complication. But there’s one rule of health that is now coming to the forefront for effective weight loss.

Build muscle and lose weight with more protein

Patients often ask me what they should eat to lose weight. I point to healthy protein in instead of empty carbohydrates or unhealthy fats. Here’s why dietary protein is vital for healthy weight loss, as well as some protein food sources and protein supplements for optimal health.

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By Easy Health Options Staff

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