7 risks of vitamin D deficiency [infographic]

7 risks of vitamin D deficiency [infographic]

Vitamin D gets a lot of good press lately. Deservedly so. The vitamin helps boost immunity, helps build stronger bones and may help fight off cancer.

But because of the difficulty of consuming vitamin D in food, it’s important to get out into the sunlight for 15-20 minutes a day without sunscreen, when possible. Even though we’ve been told to avoid exposure to prevent skin cancer, it only takes a short amount of daily sun exposure to allow the skin to make enough vitamin D.

Generally, I recommend a combination of strategies to increase levels of this critical nutrient. More vitamin D-rich foods, more sunlight and careful supplementation can go a long way.

Better performance, better bones and no pain

We all think of elite athletes at the height of their athletic powers to be the fittest, and the most well-nourished of people. Yet even the best athletes don’t get enough of one critical nutrient essential to the foundations of their bodies – the bones.

A natural “pain pill” for arthritis?

Your lifetime risk of osteoarthritis is a whopping 50 percent. And if you’re in pain, it’s very easy to reach for an over the counter painkiller. But an important vitamin that’s also a hormone and an immune booster might be a better choice.

Is cancer a vitamin D deficiency?

Whether you have chronic inflammatory conditions like asthma or arthritis, or you’re at risk for osteoporosis, or you want to slash your risk of prostate or breast cancer, you need to achieve a healthy blood level of vitamin D.

Simple fact: Calcium plus vitamin D equals a healthy heart

There’s been so much written about cholesterol and nutrition… and what you should do and what you should never do… Well, here’s a fact: If you don’t get enough calcium, it makes you fat and gives you high “bad” cholesterol.

Peak D3

When you step out into the sunlight, your body begins the process of making vitamin D. But getting the ideal amount can be difficult because some of us can’t effectively absorb it. That’s just one of many reasons the vitamin D deficiency is an epidemic… MORE⟩⟩

A simple solution to lighten depression for women?

Medical researchers are searching non-stop for drugs that can do a reliable job of relieving depression… but they haven’t had much luck until now.

What’s worse for your blood sugar than being overweight?

Blood sugar problems, which often lead to diabetes, afflict millions of Americans. Being overweight increases your risk, but a particular nutrient deficiency is even more dangerous.

Summer sunshine stamps out inflammation

As the weather warms, it’s not just the weather that changes. Your immune system undergoes powerful alterations that affect your chances of illness.


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