The coconut oil cure for nail fungus

Nail fungus is quite common, especially if you’re in contact with warm and wet environments where the fungus thrives, like swimming pools and showers, locker rooms and even some nail salons.

Fungus can take hold via tiny cuts in your skin — especially around the separations between nail and nail bed.

But when your toes or finger nails get infected with fungus, reach for oils to send it running…

In today’s video article, Kellie Bach will share with you a natural cure for nail fungus, using natural and essential oils. Watch the video for instruction and find everything you need listed below…

What is nail fungus?

Moist or wet warm environment like pools, showers and wet socks and bathing suits are all places where fungus thrives. The same fungus that causes athletes foot, ringworm and dandruff also shows up under the finger and toe nails. Usually, only a few nails at a time are affected. The fungus is detected by a white or yellow discoloration under the finger nail tip. It can grow larger and also cause the nail to become thick, or brittle. Like other living organisms, fungi depend on oxygen for life.

Kellie got fingernail fungus on both her pinkie fingers following a manicure. This is actually a common reaction, as the manicurists dig with their tool and can create space between the nail and its bed and minor scratches or cuts near the nail, allowing the fungus to take hold.

Many times fungus will take hold and stay for a long time. Those with athlete’s foot and nail fungus know this all too well. Luckily, with just three essential items you can cure your fungus at home in just a few weeks.

What you need…

A few simple items, which can all be purchased online or at many health shops, will take care of your nail fungus.

  • Rubber finger protectors. Rubber finger protectors come in different sizes in most boxes and are inexpensive.
  • Coconut oil. Coconut oil has antifungal and antibiotic properties and will be the carrier oil for the infusion.
  • Essential oils. There are several essential oils that work great when fighting fungus, including tea tree oil, clove oil, lavender oil, and lemon grass oil. These all have antifungal properties.
  • Dropper and vessel. A simple plastic dropper and glass or plastic vessel for moving and mixing the essential and coconut oil together.

What to do…

  1. Get the right sized finger protector for the digit that is affected. They come in a box of three sizes.
  2. Fill the protector about 1/3 of the way with coconut oil.
  3. Add 10 drops of tea tree oil, or another essential oil of your preference.
  4. Insert the affected finger and use a hair band or rubber band to keep it snug.
  5. Keep on for 2-3 hours a day for about 3 weeks.
  6. Check every day to ensure fungus does not getting worse.
  7. Wait a few days for the nail to grow out a bit and then cut the nail and re-submerge.

Everyone’s fungus experience is different so keep an eye on how things progress. If it looks better then continue as directed. If things do not improve, you may have a different problem or may be in need of medical care. The method here has proven to work well at curing nail fungus. Let us know how it works for you.

Dr. Mark Wiley

By Dr. Mark Wiley

Dr. Mark Wiley is an internationally renowned mind-body health practitioner, author, motivational speaker and teacher. He holds doctorates in both Oriental and alternative medicine, has done research in eight countries and has developed a model of health and wellness grounded in a self-directed, self-cure approach. Dr. Wiley has written 14 books and more than 500 articles. He serves on the Health Advisory Boards of several wellness centers and associations while focusing his attention on helping people achieve healthy and balanced lives through his work with Easy Health Options® and his company, Tambuli Media.