Why this disease sign makes your teeth fall out

Did you know that tooth loss is considered a serious health problem that sits right up there beside arthritis and cancer?

Tooth loss has also been associated with a higher risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease — and even death.

So, the reasons to be extra vigilant about what’s behind your dental health go far beyond protecting your pretty smile.

And if you think your daily brushing habits are keeping your teeth safe and sound — think again — there are deeper factors at play here!

The main cause of tooth loss in people over 40 is periodontitis. Periodontitis is an inflammatory condition that attacks the hard and soft tissues that surround and support the teeth, and eventually your teeth can just fall out.

Recently, researchers made a new discovery about peridontitis…

They’ve always thought the inflammation originated solely in the mouth. But when they assessed the dietary data of 6,887 participants, they discovered that perdontitis stems from low-grade systemic inflammation that’s occurring throughout the entire body.

Low grade inflammation that is triggered by eating a pro-inflammatory diet…

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What’s in your diet?

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times from us, the inflammation abomination is the root of disease.

Under the influence of chronic low-grade inflammation, you run a greater risk for pain, illness, disease and accelerated signs and symptoms of aging — like tooth loss.

The common types of foods in the modern Western diet (sugar, refined carbs, processed meats, processed foods, additives, preservatives) represent a pro-inflammatory diet.

In fact, there are now numerous studies that support the notion that a Western-style diet is the number one dietary factor that drives systemic inflammation sky high. And of course, the sugar and refined carbs also increase risk for dental caries, tooth decay and disease.

So the first and most obvious step for you to take is switching to an anti-inflammatory diet. And indeed, the researchers clearly uncovered that people consuming an anti-inflammatory diet have much lower odds of tooth loss.

An anti-inflammatory diet is characterized by high intake of natural whole foods such as meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

But the insights into peridontitis go even further…

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Boost your bacteria

Researchers have also discovered that the development of periodontitis occurs due to an imbalance in gut bacteria — yes, gut bacteria, not just mouth bacteria!

And one way to ensure you encourage a good balance of bacteria is to consume adequate dietary fiber.

In an analysis of 9,042 participants, researchers discovered a very strong fiber-periodontitis connection. In those consuming higher fiber from whole grains, fruit and vegetables there was a 27 percent lower risk of periodontal disease!

So the second step you can take is to focus on nourishing your gut bugs by consuming a fiber-rich diet.

And by doing the above two things, which is eating a fiber-rich anti-inflammatory diet, you also address the third key factor that remedies peridontal issues…

You’ll be consuming high amounts of beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E — nutrients that offer potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help stop dental health problems before they take hold!

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Jedha Dening

By Jedha Dening

Jedha Dening is a qualified nutritionist (MNutr), researcher, author, freelance writer, and founder of type 2 diabetic nutrition site Diabetes Meal Plans. Her masters thesis on nutrition and inflammation was published and then presented at a national scientific conference. She has millions of words published in the health industry across various print and online publications. Having been in the field for over 15 years, she’s incredibly passionate about delving into the latest research to share the myths and truths surrounding nutrition and health. She believes when armed with the right knowledge, we’re empowered to make informed choices that can truly make a difference.