The hunger-fighting diet that stops cancer

Excess estrogen in our environment is a threat that’s causing breast cancer … but there’s another hormonal imbalance that increases breast cancer risk.

Fortunately, you can rebalance your body easily and wipe out this growing risk, as you’ll see in a minute.

Leptin is a protein hormone produced mainly by fat tissue that tells your brain you’re not hungry anymore. It also regulates metabolism, reproductive processes, immune processes, angiogenesis, and oxidation of cholesterol.

The problem comes in with today’s society where we eat lots of nutrient-poor food. This increases the “I’m hungry” signals … yet you’re full of food. Now your hormones become confused, and your body has to produce much more leptin in order to try and shout over the other signals. Your body starts to ignore the “I’m full” signals from leptin, causing leptin resistance.

This has led to a breast cancer disaster.

Many studies now show that high levels of the hormone leptin in your body may make you more susceptible to breast cancer. Leptin actually talks to inflammatory molecules that induce breast cancer. When this “crosstalk” is cut off, it reduces breast cancer.

When one has excess fat, leptin enhances breast cancer cell growth by turning off genes that kill cancer cells, and turning on genes that make cells more receptive to estrogens, which increases breast cancer development.

Of course shedding excess fat will reduce leptin levels. But before you do that, a very easy way to restore leptin sensitivity is to eat much more nutrient-dense foods.

It starts with fresh, whole foods—primarily raw—and only free-range, non-chemical-laden meats. Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Nutritarian Diet is one such option.

Whatever you choose, eat so that you have a diet of high-density, nutritious foods and eliminate low-density foods and all processed foods and sugars. Ninety percent of your daily diet should be nutrient-rich plant foods.

To determine how much your diet needs to improve, just follow Dr. Fuhrman’s nutrient-density scores. It’s a ranking of foods based on their ratio of nutrients to calories.

It’s a bit different than what you might see from some of the Paleo, or even contrarian and alternative doctors because animal products are fairly low on Dr. Fuhrman’s list. But it will reset your metabolism and your leptin levels to lower breast cancer risk.

Easy Health Options Staff

By Easy Health Options Staff

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