Let your immune system fight fat for you

“The immune system.” Is there a more boring phrase in health?

It sounds scientific. It’s hard to understand. What does it even do? It just sits there on guard?


But when the immune system fights something, that’s when things get interesting.

How about fighting excess fat? That would be pretty exciting, wouldn’t it?

Turns out that’s exactly what your immune system can do for you if you maintain it properly.

Researchers already knew that an immune molecule called perforin kills off diseased cells. But it looked like perforin might also be destroying other cells.

Scientists thought it was killing the body’s own cells in some autoimmune diseases. So they engineered mice not to have certain cells with perforin in them and waited to see whether the animals developed any autoimmune conditions.

What they stumbled on was a link between immunity and obesity.

Researchers told Science Magazine, “We were looking for conventional autoimmune diseases. Quite surprisingly, we found that the mice gained weight and developed metabolic syndrome.”

What they think is that perforin acts to kill cells infected with viruses, but also keeps cells that produce inflammation in fat tissue under control as well. Without the immune system’s controls, you can have altered metabolism and weight gain.

It’s a pretty simple equation: boost immunity, prevent inflammation and stay lean and healthy.

One of the most powerful general immunity boosters we know about is called astragalus. It’s a traditional Chinese herb that acts as an adaptogen, meaning it gives you a general boost in wellbeing. Part of the reason for this might be that astragalus has been shown to boost immunity, protect against cancer and offer other long-term benefits for overall health.

Astragalus is a root, and you can buy it whole, or dried in a powder. You can incorporate both into many meals, especially soups. Astragalus extracts have been standardized to around 50% polysaccharides, but you might find a supplement with as much as 90%.

Taking astragalus can supercharge your immune system – even if it’s already under attack – and fight the fat battle for you.

Easy Health Options Staff

By Easy Health Options Staff

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