Nine tricks to biohack your coffee [infographic]

9-biohacks-PINObviously, you want to stay away from too much sugar in your coffee. But don’t let the naysayers and the so-called “nutritionists” keep you away from adding some fatty cream, or even butter, to your coffee.

Blending nutrients into your coffee with healthy fats is an old-fashioned trick to keep you from being hungry. But in modern terms you might call it biohacking because the small drops of fat, or micelles, increase the absorption of the nutrients.

This is liquid biochemistry, and you will feel the difference after you drink your coffee.

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The rich smell is almost irresistible. Most people crave it in the morning. So many choices, so many health benefits.

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Here’s another reason to drink coffee. Research at Cornell shows that the beverage contains chlorogenic acid, a powerful antioxidant that protects the retina in the eye.

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By Easy Health Options Staff

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