Pass the peas please—and my pillow

Your circadian rhythm is an internal time clock or pattern that influences processes in the body and mind. These biological and behavioral developments are set in 24-hour cycles. And they’re very important to helping you in your day to day activities and at keeping you healthy.

Along with the sleep-wake cycle, your body’s circadian rhythm causes changes in blood pressure, basal body temperature and hormonal release. The position of the sun (daylight and darkness) greatly influences these rhythms. In fact, the word “circadian” comes from a Latin word meaning “around the day.”

When your circadian rhythm is off, it can result in a world of hurt.

Scientists at Texas A&M University recently investigated the negative effects of “body clock dysregulation.” Their conclusion, published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, states: “Recent scientific observations suggest that disruption of circadian clock regulation plays a key role in the development of metabolic diseases, including obesity and diabetes.”

A disruption in your circadian rhythm even makes you prone to some cancers.

Timing is everything, even when it comes to cancer. If you work the late shift, research shows that your chances of cancer may increase. Disrupting your circadian rhythm by eating at odd times, staying up late and using bright lights at night distorts your hormone production, making tumors more likely.

But instead of reaching for an over the counter sleep aid — or worse, prescription narcotic — have some peas for lunch or supper.

A recent study, published in Cell Metabolism, found that peas are rich in a compound called spermidine, which has the ability to repair damage to your circadian rhythm. [1]

In the study, Israeli researchers found that spermidine fed to mice, made the mice’s circadian rhythms run faster and more efficiently. In humans, spermidine is an essential compound found in cell tissue, where it has numerous vital functions contributing to cell survival. One of these essential functions is to attack free radicals that can cause premature aging and a host of nasty illnesses.

Your levels of spermidine decrease as you age, so eating spermidine-rich foods, like peas, can help keep your body younger and less prone to disease. So when the peas make their way around the table to you–add a big spoonful to your plate.

[1] Eat peas and blue cheese to ‘stave off cancer’: Compound ‘makes your body clock YOUNGER – and could also protect against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, published online 09.10.15,


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