Quick 3-ingredient smoothies [infographic]

Quick 3-ingredient smoothies [infographic]Juicing and smoothies are two of the main ways to get food nutrients into your body quickly and efficiently. You can try compact bullet-style mixers, stand blenders or hand blenders (sticks) to achieve perfectly blended smoothies, all while on a budget.

Try these tips and tricks to get you started:

  • Blend the leafy greens and liquid base first to avoid chunks.
  • Defrost frozen fruit overnight so it will be softer.
  • If the motor seems stuck, add more liquid to get the contents moving.

So, break out your blender and try these fresh, delicious smoothie recipes the next time you’re craving a healthy, all-natural snack.

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There is no doubting the popularity of smoothies and juices in the world of nutrition. However, getting started may seem daunting if you aren’t prepared in terms of mixing certain fruits and veggies to produce a great tasting drink.

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These easy, healthy smoothies are not only delicious, they only take a few minutes to whip together. They’re great for a breakfast on-the-go or anytime you’re just craving a cool refreshing treat.

Try these quick 3-ingredient smoothie recipes

Research published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health indicates that if you increase your daily servings of vegetables and fruit, you may actually increase your life span.


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