The “steps” you need to live longer and reverse disease

Can it really be true that all you have to do is walk and it will help you live longer and avoid disease?

Let’s look at the evidence.

  • A new study out of Japan looked at 1239 people in the New Integrated Suburban Seniority Investigation Project. The researchers found that people who walked in any capacity for a total of at least two hours a day, they had a 51 percent lower risk of dying early from any cause. 51 percent!
  • A trial from University College, London looked at people who walk and their risk for having a coronary event – some kind of heart problem. The researchers found that compared with no usual walking, those who get some steps in have a 48 percent lower risk for coronary events, and those who walk more vigorously reduce their heart risk by 66 percent.
  • study at Boston University showed that if you walk at least 6,000 steps a day it protects you from getting severe osteoarthritis, the kind that causes mobility issues and makes it hard to get out of a chair or climb steps.
  • Other studies show the faster you can walk, the better your health will be as you age. You’re 65 percent more likely to have the best physical function possible. The more you walk, the less chance there is you will have Alzheimer’s, depression, and many other ailments.
  • And if you don’t walk? You’re up to 66 percent more likely to develop heart disease and diabetes.

Another new study shows that only around 5 percent of people get enough activity as they age. So walking is an easy and perfect remedy.

To get enough walking in each day, a Rutgers University study recommends being very social about it, walking with your friends, and even comparing and talking about your performance compared with others.

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A technology that seems to help and get people walking is the new pedometer – the digital fitness tracker. When you put one on, and see that your steps for the day are low, it does indeed motivate you to go ahead and get that number up.

The most popular is the Fitbit, but other good ones are the Microsoft Fit, the Garmin Vivo, The Jawbone Up, and the Withings Pulse. All count steps, and heart rate, and many also act as a watch, too.

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By Easy Health Options Staff

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