Joyce Hollman

Hidden compounds: The real reason fiber keeps disease away

The fact that fiber is essential to gut health is no surprise. But the role our gut plays in many other aspects of our health is coming to light in tons of research. Now we have a big clue as to why: hidden compounds that keep disease at bay…

Joyce Hollman

Recipe for recovery: The science in chicken soup

Is chicken soup the best recovery for a cold? A lot of cultures worldwide swear by it and have for thousands of years. Here’s the science behind how chicken soup, done right, can speed up your recovery from colds and flu this winter…

Carolyn Gretton

The artery assault that happens when you go to bed late

Sleep is just as important as diet and fitness to your health and well-being. Still, a few nights a week, most of us burn the candle a little past bedtime. The harm? A shocking attack on your blood vessels linked to inflammation, dysfunction and serious heart trouble…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

A novel way to make your cake a superfood

Cake might not be the healthiest choice for those of us looking to slim our waistlines or battle back diabetes and blood pressure problems. But what if there was a way to bake a cake with superfood benefits?

Carolyn Gretton

The supplement that may soon fight tooth decay

Dental caries, or tooth decay, is one of the oldest and most common diseases known to man. Yes, it’s a disease and its damage goes far beyond your mouth. So we brush and floss and try to avoid the sugar that kicks it off. But a powerful phytonutrient just may make caring for our teeth easier…

Jenny Smiechowski

The best feel-good foods by age group

Have you ever woken up feeling irritable or down for no apparent reason? Scientists are learning that some foods can set you up for a happy, positive mood, while others leave you feeling depressed, anxious and irritable. And these foods and feelings change with age…