Artificial Sweeteners

Joyce Hollman

The hidden sweetener tied to IBS, sepsis and insulin resistance

Artificial sweeteners have a sordid past. Each time a new one is introduced, usually years later we see the detrimental effects. The newest kid on the block is no different: IBS, sepsis and insulin resistance, and you may never know you’re ingesting it…

Carolyn Gretton

Real or artificial: The sweet drinks linked to AFib

Sugar may taste sweet. But its health impacts are anything but. And artificial sweeteners have lots of problems of their own. The best advice? Unless you want to risk AFib and stroke, quench your thirst, not your sweet tooth…

Joyce Hollman

Long-term use of popular fake sugar increases belly fat

Do you know someone who diets, thinks they’re doing all the right things, but just can’t get rid of the belly fat? Most of us have been there. But what’s maddening is one of the strategies you may have used is the very reason that spare tire won’t go away…

Carolyn Gretton

It’s official: Aspartame could cause cancer

Much research has connected artificial sweeteners to not-so-sweet health issues, while health agencies continued to maintain their safety. It’s no wonder we’re confused. Now a recent declaration by a leading global health body has only made things murkier about this possible carcinogen…

Dr. Geo Espinosa

Never buy foods with these 7 ingredients

Are you destroying your wellness with the food you buy at the supermarket? Learn about the seven deadly ingredient sins you may be unknowingly committing when you fill up your cart at the grocery. By purchasing health-promoting foods, instead, you can help your heart and lower your risk of cancer. Here’s how to make those crucial supermarket aisle decisions.

Joyce Hollman

Aspartame: The artificial sweetener linked to anxiety

Did you know that aspartame is responsible for generating 75 percent of consumer reports on adverse reactions to artificial sweeteners? It’s been linked to heart attack, stroke and kidney damage for starters. The latest? Multi-generational anxiety…