Craig Cooper

Erectile dysfunction and early death: What’s the link?

For all men who think ED stands for erectile dysfunction, let’s introduce another possible meaning: early death. The relationship between ED and early death has a common factor: vascular disease, or more precisely, coronary artery disease, especially for men who…

Easy Health Options Staff

Dehydration affects your heart like ‘smoking a cigarette’

What does drinking enough water have to do with your heart? A lot, it turns out. In fact, a new study says that even being mildly dehydrated…

Dr. Michael Cutler

Treat congestive heart failure (CHF) naturally

If you’ve spent most of your life asking what your heart can do for you, it’s time to begin to examine what you can do for your heart. Your healthy lifestyle choices can help your heart stay strong well into old age. Make the wrong choices, though, and your heart pays the price. Here are the most important ways to keep your pulse from weakening.

Dr. Mark Wiley

When Looking Healthy Doesn’t Mean You’re Healthy

You look and feel healthy, but serious health issues may be lurking inside your body. How can you make sure cancer, heart disease or some other scourge isn’t about to ravage your body? Learn what you need to know and do.

Dr. Michael Cutler

Natural Interventions And Key Nutrients To Fight Heart Disease

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have natural, safe and effective treatments to reverse heart disease instead of the mainstream synthetic prescription drugs? Well, I have some good news: Such treatments are available, and you can begin using them much sooner in the disease process and even prevent heart disease, too.

Dr. Michael Cutler

Testing for heart disease risk

A wide variety of blood tests measure factors related to heart disease. Some of these tests, however, do a poor job of indicating your chances of heart problems. To understand the true state of your cardiovascular system, you need to ask your healthcare provider for the tests that have proven to truly indicate your heart disease risk.