Joyce Hollman

The sleep habit that calcifies your arteries

According to sleep experts, some of our sleep preferences or habits are hard-wired into our genes. That’s why they can be hard to change. But knowing that one sleep habit in particular can harden your arteries is something to pay close attention to…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The toxin worse on your heart than smoking or cholesterol

Toxic metals, including heavy metals, are metal compounds that negatively impact human health. The American Heart Association recently called out three that harm the heart. But one in particular has been found to have a heart-related death rate six times higher than previously thought…

Joyce Hollman

The significant impact 500 steps has on your heart

Hold onto your wallet, because you won’t need an electronic step counter for this: Sure you already know walking is great for the health of your heart. But I bet you thought you’d need a lot more than 500 steps to make an impact like this…

Carolyn Gretton

The common condition aging you before you know you have it

The age of your cells, or your biological age, can be measured by an epigenetic clock that tracks changes in your DNA. Few health issues can speed up this clock, causing you to age faster. But one that leads to cardiovascular problems can, long before the first symptom…

Carolyn Gretton

Carotenes: A double-whammy against atherosclerosis

Carotenes, antioxidant compounds found in varying degrees in fruits and vegetables, are believed to have the potential to check atherosclerosis. But many studies have been inconclusive on this point. The most recent, however, hits on not one, but two ways the nutrient supports our arteries.

Joyce Hollman

The gut problem that hardens your arteries

It’s no secret that a high-fat high-cholesterol diet is bad for the heart. But understanding why it’s worse for some people is another story. Until you understand the gut is a window to the body capable of turning the thermostat up on atherosclerosis…