Joyce Hollman

Daily blueberry powder changed brains in just 6 months

The particular phytochemical compounds blueberries contain, known as anthocyanins, have been shown to decrease dementia risk and increase blood flow to the brain. But you can imagine how excited researchers were to see changes in just 6 months — and they weren’t even fresh berries!

Joyce Hollman

Move over, blueberries: Strawberries are the new superfruit for your brain

You can’t open an app these days without reading about the superfood status of blueberries. But what if you’re not a fan of that tiny bitter berry? Good news! Here’s why the strawberry is fast rising to the status of superfruit…

Joyce Hollman

How blueberries keep your blood pressure (and more!) in check

During the pandemic, the stress of watching the news and wondering what the future holds can wreak havoc with your blood pressure and your heart health. If you’re looking for a way to help keep your blood pressure under control, without turning to medications that may do more harm than good, this little blue fruit may be just the ticket…

Carl Lowe

To make vitamin D work better, eat this superfruit

Vitamin D offers serious health benefits, from heart disease to autoimmune problems and lots in between. But there’s a superfruit you should eat to make its head to toe benefits even more powerful…

Carl Lowe

The appetite suppressant the diet industry hopes you won’t discover

In the supermarket aisle that holds diet foods, you’ll find bars, shakes and an array of other processed foods that are supposed to help you lose weight. But there’s a superfood great for aiding your healthy weight efforts you’ll never find in that part of the store…

William Davis

What 2 tablespoons of blueberry juice can do for your brain

By the end of 2030, there are expected to be at least 82 million cases of dementia worldwide. Scientists have been dutifully searching for a cure, but they continue to hit roadblocks. But that doesn’t mean we have to sit patiently on the sidelines. If you do though, make sure to sip some blueberry juice… […]