Body Detox

Joyce Hollman

How not to get breast cancer from your salad

In 1972, the United States banned the use of the pesticide DDT. But other endocrine-disrupting pesticides have taken its place and are still in use. Luckily, there are ways to protect yourself from exposure to these endocrine-disrupting chemicals that cause breast cancer.

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

How concerned should you be about arsenic levels in your rice?

If you eat rice regularly, it’s time to understand the very real arsenic risk that experts believe contributes to a whopping 50,000 premature deaths yearly — many due to its impact on the heart. Does this mean you have to give it up completely? Not as long you’re careful and follow these tips…

Jenny Smiechowski

9 hand sanitizer brands that contain a life-threatening toxin

Most of us are using a lot of hand sanitizer these days… even if we don’t normally touch the stuff. And we should continue to do so whenever a sink and soap aren’t an option since keeping your hands clean is one of the most effective ways to avoid coronavirus. Just make sure the hand sanitizer you’re using doesn’t contain this incredibly toxic ingredient…

Joyce Hollman

The unexpected way lead gets in your drinking water

Depending on the age of your home, your pipes may be lined with lead. As long as the lead doesn’t leach into your drinking water it’s not a problem, but another heavy metal commonly used in municipal water systems could be making it easier for that lead to flow from your sinks…

Jenny Smiechowski

Your stove may be cooking up unsafe levels of indoor air pollution

Most of us don’t think twice when we click our gas stoves on to cook. But maybe we should. Gas stoves are exposing us to pollution levels so high they would be illegal if they were outside. And this exposure can contribute to everything from asthma to heart disease to cancer.

Jenny Smiechowski

This popular pest killer kills more than mosquitos

They’re all around us… in yard and garden insecticides, in flea and tick treatments you put on your pets and even in bug spray you use on yourself. They’re in lice shampoo. Unfortunately, these common chemicals aren’t just killing mosquitos… they’re increasing disease and death rates among humans…