Joyce Hollman

How exercise works like a roadblock to prostate cancer progression

Prostate cancer is the second most deadly cancer in American men. Previous research has shown an exercise program could release chemicals that control the growth of prostate cancer. Now the news is even better…

Carolyn Gretton

A concerning connection: breast cancer survival and heart disease

Breast cancer deaths are declining. If we stop right here, that’s certainly great news. But even though fewer women are dying from the cancer, their treatment may set them up for another disease they should be followed closely for…

Carolyn Gretton

An important step forward in gauging men’s prostate cancer risk

The old standby, PSA testing, isn’t 100 percent accurate, leading to unnecessary biopsy and treatment and loads of anxiety. But when it was scaled back, metastatic prostate cancer cases rose. The key is identifying men by risk level—and a new tool may be the answer to saving lives…

Joyce Hollman

What men who want to avoid colon cancer eat

Colon cancer is the third most common form of cancer and men tend to have a higher risk than women. Caught early, it’s treatable. That’s what brought a group of scientists to re-examine the power of diet to prevent colon cancer specifically in men.

Joyce Hollman

Kidney cancer is silent, until it’s not: Know the symptoms

Kidney cancer is fast becoming one of the more common cancers. It often strikes around age 65, but likely starts sooner because, in its earliest stages, kidney cancer often does not cause any noticeable symptoms. And diagnosis occurs after it has spread. Know these signs…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The virus no one wants that could eradicate cancer

When you think of the herpes simplex virus, not much that’s pleasant comes to mind. But what if the virus that can wreak so much havoc could also be used for good, like causing advanced tumors to disappear, shrink or stop progressing?