Celiac Disease

Joyce Hollman

Is ‘meat glue’ causing your digestive problems?

Have you heard of “meat glue?” Yes, you read that right… It’s an additive that showing up in everything from meat to dairy, and even baked goods. Its purpose is also to bind proteins together, giving products a better texture and longer shelf life. Here’s how it can make you sick…

Kellye Copas

Making the best of holiday meals when you have special diet needs

How do you eat the right foods and avoid getting pressured or seduced into eating foods that will likely provoke trouble for you or your health? This can be tricky, especially during the holidays and on special occasions, but sharing your food story can help…

Dr. Isaac Eliaz

Dodge the epidemic that has you in its crosshairs

They are among the most difficult diseases of our modern age, and their rates are skyrocketing. Instead of defending the body, the immune system goes rogue, attacking joints, organs, tissues, even the brain, causing inflammation and destruction.

Dr. Terry Wahls

Your physician won’t tell you this about your disease

It’s finally happened. Your doctor has put a name to your illness. The years of not feeling quite right; of fatigue, achiness and brain fog finally have an explanation. And it all makes sense.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz

Sickened by the sneakiest of ingredients

As the gluten-free revolution gains momentum, more people are discovering that gluten sensitivity — including celiac disease (an autoimmune disease caused by reaction to gluten) — lurks behind their troubling health symptoms.