Joyce Hollman

Chronic inflammation: Your brain’s single biggest threat

Until about a decade ago, scientists believed we had a finite number of brain cells that could not be replaced, and that, over time, we continue to lose those brain cells. We now understand they can, in fact, regenerate themselves — and have identified the most significant source of their destruction…

Joyce Hollman

Study finds inflammatory foods feed Alzheimer’s and dementia

Research shows inflammation is a driving force behind obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Now research is stacking up that connects it with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The good news? Foods feed that inflammation in a dose-dependent manner and a change of diet could make a big difference.

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Two hot drinks that could lower your risk of stroke and dementia

Do you prefer coffee or tea? Either way, if you’re drinking the optimum amount you’re doing yourself some big favors, especially when it comes to risk of stroke and dementia. You may love either drink, but they love your brain more…

Joyce Hollman

Eat more fish to lower risk of vascular brain disease, stroke and dementia

Vascular brain disease involves damage to blood vessels in the brain and is a risk factor for vascular dementia and stroke. Sounds quite scary and it is. But if you’re eating the right stuff — specifically the best brain food — you can greatly lower your risk for the disease and the dangers that come with it.

Virginia Tims-Lawson

How ‘normal’ blood pressure accelerates brain aging

Focusing only on your brain to avoid dementia may be a big fail. That’s because blood pressure has been found to quietly accelerate brain aging. That’s worrisome enough for any of us with high blood pressure, but anyone relying on the changing definitions of what constitutes normal blood pressure could be in for a big surprise.

Joyce Hollman

Does your body have enough beige fat to ward off dementia?

When all the experts are telling you to cut down on fat it can be confusing. But the body contains one fat that you certainly need more of, especially if you want to avoid cognitive decline. In fact, this fat has been deemed “indispensable” in protecting the brain from dementia. Here’s how to turn your fat to the good side and benefit…