Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The number of medications and types that increase dementia

Many factors play into dementia risk, from health and genetics to lifestyle. That makes understanding more about the risks within our control, like the number and types of medications you take regularly, paramount. Here’s the number and dangerous drug combos to watch for…

Joyce Hollman

The popular tech gadget that works like a hearing aid (without the cost!)

About 75 percent of Americans with hearing loss don’t use hearing aids because they’re costly. That increases their risk for depression and dementia. But hearing experts say a popular tech gadget can provide virtually the same improvements in hearing for a fraction of the cost…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

What omega-3s do to a middle-aged brain

Most of the research into brain health has focused on slowing or reversing the mind-stealing conditions you see in the elderly. But what, if anything, can omega-3s do for a middle-aged brain, especially one with a genetic predisposition for those very problems?

Carolyn Gretton

Why avoiding alcohol entirely may be bad for the brain

With dementia on the rise, experts are looking closer at known risk factors that lead to the devastating illness. One, alcohol use, has been hotly debated. Some studies say it harms, while others were not so clear. International research including almost 25,000 participants may finally have the answer…

Joyce Hollman

The minimum amount of steps to lower dementia risk

10,000 steps a day seems like an impossible goal. And luckily, we’re finding you don’t have to really walk that much to get real-world benefits. Want to make a singificant dent in your dementia risk? You’ll be glad to know you can take that number way down…

Joyce Hollman

What you do while sitting: The real reason being sedentary leads to dementia

There’s enough convincing research to discourage anyone from being a “couch potato.” But when it comes to dementia and sedentary behavior, there’s a caveat: Your choice of activity while you sit can make all the difference, even if you run marathons all day.