Diabetic Neuropathy

Carolyn Gretton

The diabetes side effect no one talks about

Sex. It’s a topic that’s all over TV, film and social media. Unfortunately, it’s one that many of us are uncomfortable discussing personally. And if you have diabetes, you may not even be aware that your blood sugar problems not only mess with your health but are also behind problems in the bedroom…

Joyce Hollman

3 kinds of infection to watch for if you’re diabetic

Living with diabetes puts you at greater risk of infection, including skin and respiratory infections. Why? High blood sugar weakens your immune system, leaving you a wide-open target for infectious bacteria. That means you must be vigilant about more than your blood sugar. You must know these signs of infection…

Dr. Isaac Eliaz

Restless legs syndrome: Mild nuisance or serious warning?

It starts with a throbbing, itching or uncomfortable sensation in the legs and an overwhelming need to move them. Shifting the legs relieves the discomfort temporarily, but the symptoms soon return and sleep is elusive. But relief doesn’t have to be…

Dr. Michael Cutler

Natural ways to quell nerve pain

Persistent nerve pain can ruin your life. But natural therapies and supplements can ease the problem. Discover how you can use nutrients and other all-natural means to quell the discomfort.