Food additives

Carolyn Gretton

Ultra-processed foods: The more you eat, the higher your dementia risk

Ultra-processed foods are everywhere, and they’re not doing you any favors, except making it easy to develop insulin resistance, obesity, inflammation, high blood pressure, heart disease — oh and did we mention the strong link to dementia?

Joyce Hollman

Superbugs: The not-so-sweet side effect of a food additive

Trehalose is used to sweeten and extend the shelf life of products, It’s in in everything from gum to nutrition bars. But when you eat foods with trehalose, it’s like scattering birdseed to attract birds to your yard. Except in this case, you’re feeding deadly bacteria and inviting it to thrive in your gut.

Carolyn Gretton

Can’t quit bacon? These plants might protect you

It’s been hammered into our heads that processed meats like bacon and sausage make us sick. That doesn’t make it any easier to eat less of these tasty foods. Luckily, researchers have identified a plant extract that not only may act as a substitute for the dangerous preservatives in processed meat, it may counteract their ill health effects.

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

This group of foods shortens your telomeres and triggers aging

While the term processed food is one most of us have heard, the concept of ultra-processed food is a litter trickier. These zero nutrition foods have been linked to everything from diabetes and high blood pressure to cancer. And a recent study has more bad news. they speed up your biological aging…

Joyce Hollman

How to make bacon that won’t give you cancer or heart disease

Bacon is one of those processed meats that raises your cancer and heart disease risk. So, what’s a bacon lover to do? Some people turn to turkey bacon. But don’t kid yourself. It’s still processed meat. But there’s a tasty alternative you can make easily and eat to your heart’s content…

Jenny Smiechowski

The ingredient sunscreen and cheese have in common

Titanium dioxide as an ingredient in sunscreen. But it’s a food additive as well. A “food grade” version is found in everything from chewing gum to cheese to chocolate to condiments. In fact, this ingredient is in so many everyday foods, you should know how it’s fueling poor health and chronic disease…