Food additives

Carolyn Gretton

The thyroid-poisoning additive in popular drinks

When it comes to dangerous food additives, European regulators have a lower threshold for what they consider an acceptable risk. The U.S. may finally catch up, at least when it comes to a thyroid-poisoning ingredient found in drinks more than half the population consumes daily…

Dr. Geo Espinosa

Never buy foods with these 7 ingredients

Are you destroying your wellness with the food you buy at the supermarket? Learn about the seven deadly ingredient sins you may be unknowingly committing when you fill up your cart at the grocery. By purchasing health-promoting foods, instead, you can help your heart and lower your risk of cancer. Here’s how to make those crucial supermarket aisle decisions.

Carolyn Gretton

The food additive triggering inflammatory bowel disease

Inflammatory bowel diseases affect millions of people, and though the exact causes are not fully understood, here’s a clue that’s hard to ignore: the most commonly used artificial coloring in American grocery items has already been banned in most of Europe for reasons you should know.

Jenny Smiechowski

The ingredient sunscreen and cheese have in common

Titanium dioxide as an ingredient in sunscreen. But it’s a food additive as well. A food grade version is found in everything from chewing gum to cheese to chocolate to condiments. In fact, it is in so many everyday foods, you should know how it’s fueling poor health and chronic disease…

Carolyn Gretton

Are banned food additives making Americans sick?

There are a few differences between Americans and Europeans. But one of the biggest differences is the food we consume. Take dangerous food additives. Here is a handful that have been banned in Europe, but are still fed to us, starting with your morning toast…

Carolyn Gretton

Ultra-processed foods: The more you eat, the higher your dementia risk

Ultra-processed foods are everywhere, and they’re not doing you any favors, except making it easy to develop insulin resistance, obesity, inflammation, high blood pressure, heart disease — oh and did we mention the strong link to dementia?