Carolyn Gretton

Avoid the eye disease that follows diabetes and high blood pressure

One of the reasons glaucoma leads to vision loss is that it usually isn’t caught until the damage is done. Researchers hope to change that. After looking at every risk-raising factor, they’ve identified two that when they start early are a clear sign your eyes need help fast…

Carolyn Gretton

Calcium, retinal blood flow and the connection to glaucoma

Glaucoma is a dreaded diagnosis that can lead to incurable blindness. That’s why researchers are continuing to study the mechanisms behind this disease to develop more effective treatments. And they may have found an intresting connection between calcium and retinal blood flow…

Joyce Hollman

Genetic risk of glaucoma? Cut out the caffeine

This sneaky vision-stealer gives virtually no warning signs, not until peripheral vision starts to disappear. Even with treatment, many with the disease will lose vision in one eye. But even in those with a genetic predisposition, you can lower your risk… starting with caffeine.

Jenny Smiechowski

The invisible factor fueling glaucoma

As we age, our eyes are vulnerable to disease — macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma. If you have a genetic tendency toward age-related eye diseases, then you’re really at risk. But beyond obvious risk factors for eye diseases, there’s an invisible factor endangering your vision…

Jenny Smiechowski

Tea time tames glaucoma risk by 74 percent

Most people fear blindness more than losing a limb, and nearly as much as getting cancer or AIDS. That’s why the eye disease glaucoma is so dang scary… But there’s something you can do to prevent glaucoma from stealing some (or all) of your sight…