Grip Strength

Carolyn Gretton

Get a literal grip to slow your biological age

Diminished grip strength has proven to be a surprisingly reliable indicator of health issues like cardiovascular events, declining brain function and metabolic disease. And that’s not all a weak grip can point to. Turns out grip strength may be related to how fast or slow our bodies are aging…

Joyce Hollman

The surprising condition causing premature muscle loss in men

Who would have thought a handshake could send a clear signal that something is wrong with your health? But research has found for men, it’s a clear sign your muscles aren’t getting enough oxygen, and muscle loss and premature aging are setting in…

Carolyn Gretton

What your get-up-and-go says about a sinister sign of aging

Most of us expect we’ll slow down at least a little as we age. But it doesn’t mean we need to sit back and wait to see what happens. In recent years, the connection between a healthy body and sound mind have been made clear: lose your get-up-and-go and your mind will follow…