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Joyce Hollman

Breast cancer: Why Black and Hispanic women need more vitamin D

Vitamin D has shown positive effects on autoimmune disease, diabetes, heart disease and even COVID-19. Now research shows that Black and Hispanic women, who are normally more susceptible to breast cancer, are safer from the disease if they have adequate levels of vitamin D in their blood.

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Don’t combine ibuprofen with these common hypertension drugs

If you take prescription blood pressure medication, you may know these drugs don’t come without risks, this time from a surprising source: If you’re used to popping ibuprofen for pain you need to know it’s a dangerous mix with certain classes of blood pressure drugs.

Joyce Hollman

When it comes to pros and cons, not all alcohol is equal

Alcohol has a reputation as a double-edged sword. But when it comes to health, not all alcoholic drinks are created equal. Research is teasing out some of those differences and one, in particular, may be why, depending on your poison, alcohol has both benefits and risks…

Carolyn Gretton

The surprising truth about when your brain really slows down

Does your brain really start to slow down once you reach adulthood? For years it’s been the belief that we start to lose mental processing speed once we pass the age of 20. But we may actually have more decades of fast thinking ahead of us than previously thought…

Carolyn Gretton

Brisk walking, telomeres and how 60 may be the new 45

Walking is one of the healthiest habits to fall into. But when you pick up the pace, something amazing happens to your telomeres, little DNA caps that work like harbingers of aging: brisk walking walks back your biological age…

Joyce Hollman

The prostate cancer-fighting potential of licorice

The licorice plant is one of the world’s oldest herbal remedies. Its powerful compounds are linked to fighting diabetes, adrenal fatigue and even the herpes simplex virus. Prostate cancer may be next on that list. But before you run out to stockpile it, there are some things to know…