Natural Herbal Remedies

Joyce Hollman

9 natural plant remedies for stomach problems

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Indian Ayurvedic Medicine share the longest and most sophisticated histories of healing with plants, herbs and spices. Have you heard of these nine powerful plants that can spell relief of stomach problems and keep your gut healthy?

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The French maritime extract that calms restless legs

Do you settle down in the evening only to discover your legs have other plans? That annoying twitching sensation can make it almost impossible to relax. Your doctor may have thrown his hands up but a way to treat the condition has been found in an old-time remedy…

Dr. Geo Espinosa

Stinging nettle root for enlarged prostate

Prostatitis and an enlarged prostate can greatly affect a man’s quality of life. Luckily, there’s an herb that has long been used to relieve urinary tract and prostate problems. The name may sound harsh, but stinging nettle for prostate health has many benefits…

Joyce Hollman

Milk thistle: Liver support for better cholesterol, blood sugar and weight

For centuries, milk thistle has been used as a natural, herbal remedy to help support the liver, your body’s main detoxifying organ that protects you from pesticides and other environmental toxins. But if you thought that was all it could do, think again. There’s research that your blood sugar, cholesterol and weight could benefit, too.

Carolyn Gretton

The herb that goes after a ‘root cause’ of diabetes

An unhealthy gut microbiome can lead to all kinds of problems, including metabolic disorders like type 2 diabetes. A recent study reinforced this connection while investigating the potential of an adaptogenic herb to improve insulin resistance…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Rosemary: Old-fashioned herb for modern-day ailments

Who doesn’t love rosemary? Its aroma is both fresh and invigorating — but it’s also a culinary herb that works well in just about any dish. It’s not short on health benefits either. From memory support to metabolic conditions, its polyphenolic compounds are proving powerful allies…