Dr. Mark Wiley

The traditional way to soothe IBS

While the root cause of IBS has not yet been identified, the symptoms can be debilitating and are triggered by diet and stress. Traditional Chinese medicine views IBS as a syndrome of imbalances…

Margaret Cantwell

Two ways to get your life back from IBS

Damage to your gut can affect your total body health and increase your risk for intestinal cancers. Instead of applying a band aid, there are two simple ways to give IBS the heave-ho and get your life back…

Beverly Burmeier

The not-so-gingerly spice that attacks cancer-causing inflammation

Maybe you’ve used ginger to relieve symptoms of motion sickness in a tummy-soothing tea. Well, you’re taking good medicine according to research… Ginger is a great choice to diminish the pain of inflammatory bowel disease, but better yet, scientists have shown its benefits extend to reducing the risk of cancers associated with colitis.

Jenny Smiechowski

When tummy trouble is a red flag, try this

It’s not unusual to have the occasional bout of stomach trouble — stomach pain, gas, diarrhea or constipation happens from time to time. But if you’re dealing with these symptoms on a regular basis, check out how low FODMAP foods can help…

Dr. Michael Cutler

Sneaky, painless conditions that lead to chronic disease

Some intestinal diseases don’t cause any pain. That doesn’t mean they’re not causing damage. And you should know the signs because these sneaky and dangerous conditions are connected to many other chronic diseases.

Margaret Cantwell

Potato soup or toxic soap?

Each time I bring up the potato’s less than stellar qualities, it upsets some folks. I know you love your potatoes. I did too. But the science says that eating too much of this vegetable is just not good. Think Leaky gut, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome…