Insulin resistance

Joyce Hollman

The hidden sweetener tied to IBS, sepsis and insulin resistance

Artificial sweeteners have a sordid past. Each time a new one is introduced, usually years later we see the detrimental effects. The newest kid on the block is no different: IBS, sepsis and insulin resistance, and you may never know you’re ingesting it…

Joyce Hollman

Why sleep trouble can lead to blood sugar trouble

While you’re asleep, restorative processes take place. If your sleep is interrupted so are these important processes. That’s just one link between sleep trouble and blood sugar trouble research has identified, even when following a healthy diet…

Joyce Hollman

3 spices that tackled A1C, fasting glucose, insulin and won

Spices are at the top of the ORAC scale. That means they have exceptional anitoxidant capacity to keep oxidative stress from ruining our health. And when it comes to type 2 diabetes, three really stand out against three threats to your glycemic profile…

Joyce Hollman

Eggs’ bad rap cheats those who need their benefits most

For far too long, too many misconceptions about eating eggs have had us second-guessing: Are eggs good for us or as bad as they say? Fortunately, attitudes are changing and research like the latest shows giving up eggs can lead to cracks in your health when you need them most…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The high-calorie snack that burns fat and slims bodies

What would you say if I told you there’s an amazingly healthy snack food that most of us don’t eat, even though the disease-fighting benefits are through the roof? Why? For fear this high-calorie, delicious-tasting snack causes weight gain. But the truth, in fact, is the total opposite…

Carolyn Gretton

6 ways to keep from having another kidney stone

Why do some people produce kidney stones multiple times, while others may only once? Those unfortunate folks are “stone formers,” and there are a few reasons frequency is a problem for them. Good news? Six of them can be managed to drastically reduce anyone’s risk of this dread experience.