Carolyn Gretton

These are the reasons you should be drinking tea

There’s matcha tea, various herbal teas and flowery botanical teas, but none of them are as systematically studied as Camellia sinensis — true tea — with thousands of years of traditional use behind its growing global reputation as a beverage that promotes good health.

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The unseen damage of severe stress your heart pays for

We’ve all experienced a stressful event in our lives where we were completely overwhelmed. Our hearts beat faster, our hands started shaking and the world seems to close in around us. But then things got better… or did they?

Jenny Smiechowski

The best supplement for stress, anxiety and sleep

Cortisol throws your hormonal balance out of whack. Beyond your hormones, high cortisol levels weaken your immune system, put you at risk for diabetes and contribute to obesity. High cortisol is also tied to mood problems and, of course, anxiety. Bust it with a simple amino acid…