Craig Cooper

6 ways to increase libido after 40

So, your sex drive isn’t what it used to be… that’s not something you should worry about — in fact, stress around low sexual desire is actually a cause of decreased libido. Instead, focus on these tips to stay strong both in and outside of the bedroom…

Jedha Dening

5 natural ways to boost your libido

Okay, this is a rather personal topic… But despite the possible embarrassment in talking about it, sexual health and libido are topics close to all our hearts. Because despite one’s age, sexual activity is an important aspect of life and health.

Debra Atkinson

Libido-boosting exercises for every woman

If you’re under stress, experiencing hormone fluctuations, and not sleeping or feeling rested, you may only dream of a “certain” bedroom activity. Well, you’re not alone. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to renewed intimacy…

Craig Cooper

Ditch this man-zapper to increase virility

Don’t get me wrong, I like a drink as much as the next guy, but I’m not 20 anymore and the 50ish-year-old me doesn’t process alcohol like it used to. There are also some serious health consequences of alcohol that specifically affect middle-aged guys that I want to avoid, and you may too…

Easy Health Options Staff

The real libido story women aren’t being told

Is “low sex drive” a disease? Big Pharma wants you to think so. They’re calling it “hypoactive sexual desire disorder.” Never mind that nature has provided many ways to boost libido …

Craig Cooper

Healthier men have more sex

If you’ve been a little lax about following your doctor’s advice to lose a few pounds or keep a tighter reign on your blood sugar or blood pressure, here’s a little “pill” of information he or she may not have given you …